New Patients

Welcome to Synergy Chiropractic of Houston! We look forward to assisting you in becoming pain free. To get started as a patient in the office, just complete the following steps:

1.) Contact Synergy Chiropractic to schedule your appointment. Our phone number is: 832-786-8404

2.) After scheduling, CLICK HERE to download the new patient paperwork. This paperwork should be completed prior to your scheduled appointment in order to ensure that the doctor has plenty of time to perform an exam, and determine the cause of your pain. The paperwork includes all of the needed information that our office will use to get to the root of your pain, including if you were involved in an auto accident.

3.) Bring your completed New Patient Paperwork to the office with you for your scheduled appointment with the doctor. Together, you will review the paperwork, and undergo an exam in order to identify the cause of your pain, and the best solution for pain relief.