Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that affects muscle and other soft tissues. It is characterized as disorder that generates widespread musculoskeletal pain, frequently associated with fatigue, poor sleep, memory, and mood issues. Symptoms sometimes begin after a trauma related injury, such as an auto accident, but can also begin when someone has been through surgery, had a terrible infection, or is under extreme psychological stress. Generally speaking, women experience fibromyalgia more often than men, and these symptoms can be associated and aggravated by headaches, TMJ (jaw) disorders, IBS (digestive problem), anxiety, and depression.

Many who suffer from fibromyalgia are given medication for the pain, often times with minimal results. For those who wish to avoid medication, or find that the medication does not provide relief, additional options exist. At Synergy Chiropractic of Houston, we offer different types of therapies to support individuals with fibromyalgia, such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Dry Needling, and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation in order to help provide pain relief, while also helping with the healing process.

Chiropractic Care for Fibromyalgia:

Chiropractic manipulation is one of the most common alternative treatments for fibromyalgia. People have expressed an improvement in pain from their back, neck, shoulders, headaches, and other musculoskeletal injuries. Patients have also noticed an increase in their range of motion in their joints.

Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia:

When acupuncture needles are applied, and stimulated properly, a release of endorphins enters the bloodstream. Endorphins are the natural opioids of the body and in turn reduces the amount of pain someone experiences. In some instances, acupuncture helped alleviate chronic fibromyalgic pain for a few weeks.

Dr. Reece Hayden Performs Acupuncture for Pain Relief fibromyalgia
Dr. Reece Hayden Performs Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Dry Needling for Fibromyalgia:

Fibromyalgia causes many trigger points to occur in the muscles of the body. Using needles in these knots of muscle can assist in promoting the relaxation and release of these painful spots. Range of motion also improves when the trigger points relax. Dry needling is similar to acupuncture, though emphasizes relief of the trigger point causing pain, rather than attempting to provide a systemic effect on the body.

Soft Tissue Therapy for Fibromyalgia:

Soft tissue is one of the most highly rated therapies by people who suffer from fibromyalgia. This therapy focuses on reducing muscle tension and promoting blood circulation. Some individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia feel that soft tissue therapy has helped reduce pain, improve mood, and increased their quality of life.

Every individual is unique and some therapies may work better for one than it does the others. At Synergy Chiropractic of Houston we work with all of our patients to help them return to a happy, pain free life. Even if they are experiencing symptoms from fibromyalgia.

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